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Look rankings, understand cupboard Network Join shortcuts

Source:Shanghai Xinzhong Construction Decoration Material Co.,Ltd  Time:2013-09-23

2011 opened , the cabinet industry on the subject to various pressures , can be described as perilous : Inside, bear the cost of fuel and labor costs rapidly rising pressure ; outside, facing the RMB appreciation, export tax rebate policy adjustment state ; downstream in the sale , market competition , not free prices , or, worse , with the impact of real estate sales attributed to calm the renovation market , real estate agents to increase the proportion of fine decorated rooms , making the renovation market more narrow . In this adverse environment, want to become bigger and stronger as a cabinet business , how should the business in order to make their own brand, as it has been in times of adversity ? Cupboard join a unique investment model , to reflect good business ideas , you can minimize the risk of brand management . Obvious advantages network investment model is well known in the modern information communication and network communication plays an increasingly important role , especially for business, consumer mainstream young people , the Internet is the first platform of its access to information . After years of exploration and development , network investment model has gradually matured, it has the advantage : First , network investment funds require lower starting point , eliminating the traditional investment venue , personnel costs and other expenses ; Second, the network Merchants can save time and could " 365 days × 24 hours " Businesses and products ; again, there is no network investment geographical factors, eliminating the need for prospective franchisees in the choice of the brand's early commute and spend time, money and effort. Investment platform , the ranking , the preferred network cabinets network investment China , despite the many convenient place, but not blind to the effect . Sina, Netease and other portals although comprehensive impact , but the cabinet businesses, after all, not a professional web site. Network Merchants release of information to select the most accurate, most authoritative , the most popular industry website is the last choice . And joining this one in the cabinet , cupboard network China Investment Conference is undoubtedly on the choice . Data analysis shows that China 's global ranking cabinet network is the fifth ten thousand , daily IP traffic 14,400 Daily average PV 259,200 . These objective data sufficient to show that China 's position in the industry cupboard network , regardless of clicks or views are highest in the industry Web site list. Let's look professional, China Merchants Assembly cabinets network has been successfully held 33 , as hundreds of companies and thousands of prospective agents a convenient built between the bridge of cooperation . Internet information age, China cabinets networks such comprehensive platform does not use , cabinets joined , I'm afraid that a lot of detours . China cabinets Network Alliance Conference being held in full swing. This shortcut , cabinets how businesses and entrepreneurs willing to miss ? China Cabinet Network